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What are Shoe Clips?

Shoe clips are essentially jewellery for shoes. The decorative part of the item has a clip attached on the back. There are small teeth on the inside of the clip which assists in attaching the clip to the shoe (see pictures below). Shoe clips can be used on any shoes which do not already have embellishment.

Being a temporary attachment to shoes, Emmersen Shoe Clips can be simply added and removed as desired and utilised on a diverse range of shoes. They can be attached, in any of the combinations, as shown below.


How to use shoe clips

To attach to shoes: open the clip, place in the desired position on the shoe and gently squeeze closed. To remove the clip from the shoe, open the clip from underneath. Do not attach/remove the clip while the shoe is on your foot.

Please note: to provide the best quality and functionality, for our "Bows Bows Bows" Shoe Clips we use dual component clips. These clips cannot disassemble whilst attached but caution must be taken when opening the clips as the lever may slip out of place if overextended. If this occurs please note that the clip is not broken- simply reinsert it into place.

For best care, please avoid contact with moisture and chemicals (e.g., perfumes) and store Emmersen Shoe Clips in their box when not in use.

WARNING: this is not a toy. Package contains small parts which may cause a choking or inhalation hazard for children under 3 years of age.