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About Emmersen

Emmersen Pty Ltd
ABN: 39 121 542 854
PO Box 1043
West Leederville, Western Australia 6901

EmmersenTM is an Australian owned company specialising in unique fashion accessories. Emphasising style and quality, we have a strong commitment to product development, design and careful component selection.

Emmersen products embody elegance, glamour and style. Get the latest news on Emmersen at the News and Media page.

Emmersen Accessories

In the past, fashion accessories were primarily used to compliment and accentuate clothing. These days, they make a statement in their own right.

Emmersen specialises in unique fashion accessories, providing the opportunity to accessorise for every occasion and add an individual touch of style and glamour to every outfit.

Current collection: Emmersen Shoe Clips - jewellery for shoes

Emmersen Shoe Clip Collection

Shoe clips are a classic accessory, originally made popular in the past eras of glamour. Essentially jewellery for your shoes, Emmersen Shoe Clips can be clipped onto shoes to co-ordinate a look, for added decoration or as a striking feature piece.

The ultimate fashion accessory, Emmersen Shoe Clips allow you to create a unique and distinctive look and to individualise your accessories.

Embellishing shoes with Emmersen Shoe Clips adds a touch of style and glamour to any outfit. With a broad range of shoe clips available (in a variety of colours and materials) Emmersen Shoe Clips can be used to decorate shoes for day or evening.